Carpaccio variation

Carpaccio variation: 
beef, veal, lamb


Beef carpaccio with goose liver

Slice the filet of beef open lengthwise about 3 mm thick (or have the butcher cut it for you if desired), place it on a piece of clear plastic wrap, flatten it out a bit and flavour it with fine sea salt and white pepper from a mill.

Cut the well-cooled goose liver with a slicing machine 3 mm thick as well and cover the filet of beef with it, marinate them both with red port wine, Madeira and Cognac. Now roll the whole thing together into a tight roll and freeze it.

Veal carpaccio with olive and tomato purée

Proceed with the veal filet as with the beef. However, spread a mixture of even parts of black olive paste and very finely chopped sun dried tomatoes over the meat, then roll it up and freeze it, too.

Lamb carpaccio with herbs

Slice the lamb lengthwise and flatten out. Sprinkle the meat with a mixture of finely chopped parsley, thyme, rosemary and a pinch of marjoram, then dash a little Madeira over the top, roll it up and freeze it.

After about 6 hours (the rolls should be thoroughly frozen) cut open with a slicing machine and arrange the pieces in three equal parts on the plate. Marinate the beef carpaccio with truffle oil, the other two with olive oil extra vergine and perfect them with marinated ruccola.