Booking Terms

Booking and Payment Terms for Individual Guests

Please do not forget to reconfirm the reservation the day before (for lunch reservations) or the same day by 3.p.m. (for dinner reservations) as all non reconfirmed reservations are deleted automatically at 5.30 p.m..

Please understand that we can keep reserved tables only if they are reconfirmed and without further information only for 15 minutes to avoid cancellation fee.

The restaurant charges a cover charge of 3,90 Euros per guest (cover charges include freshly baked breads, farmers butter and roasted salted and caramilized pumpkinseeds). In the piano area a government tax of 2,25 Euros per guest is charged).

Payment is possible only per table in cash, with mastercard, visa or bankomat.

Our restaurant is in a protected listed building and therefore offers only very limited possibilty to accomodate wheelchairs and baby buggys. Please ask well in advance about the availablity of these special tables. With respect to other guests we cannot accept children under 6 years in the piano area.

Booking and Payment Terms for Groups (of more than 12 guests) and Travel Agents

All bookings must be confirmed four weeks prior to the event by a deposit of EUR 30 per guest. (We only accept payment by wire transfer.) Bookings for Friday and Saturday evenings, during high season and conferences require a minimum order of EUR 50 per person; on public holidays a minimum order of EUR 60 per person is required.

Prepayment discount: 2% on prepaid amount

Guest loyalty program: 3% voucher for an annual turnover of EUR 10.000.–/5% voucher for an annual turnover of EUR 20.000.–

Deposits must be made by bank transfer to Bank Austria Stephansplatz A-1010 Wien

Restaurant Zum Weißen Rauchfangkehrer Gastronomie GmbH

IBAN: AT57 1200 0004 0515 9708


All prices plus a cover charge of 3,90 Euros. The cover charge includes roasted, salted and caramelized pumpkin seeds, salted butter and different breads. The government tax on live music of 2,25 Euros per guest is charged only in the piano and salon area. Bills are only issued per table and can be settled in cash, by Mastercard or Visa. Individual bills for large parties per table can only be supplied on request and must be settled in cash. All prices are quoted in Euros and include all taxes and duties.

Subject to change of prices and menu according to market conditions.

We only accept prepayment, deposit and payment in cash or by Mastercard or Visa. Bills are issued on the basis of all food and beverage items consumed. All prices are quoted in Euros and include all taxes and duties.

Cancellations and amendments

until 10 days before reservation free of charge*

until 3 day before reservation 30 % of the deposit *

same day 100% of the agreed menu *

* unless we receive bookings from other parties, which is quite likely.

Confirmation of the final number of guests is required until 2 pm on the day of the scheduled event, otherwise the original number of bookings will be charged. The amount payable will be calculated on the final number of guests. All reservations, cancellations and amendments must be made in writing, either by fax or e-mail, and confirmed by the restaurant.

Menu cards

The prices for the set menus include one menu card (either in german, english or italian) per 2 persons. In case guests would like to take an extra menu card (including the cover) with them, EUR 2.– will be charged per card.